John DeVore

Honestly as a man I don’t know or understand what the hell you are talking about. You are clearly brain-washed AND have never spent even a day in “the real world”. If you had you understand the purely ideological delusion you fasely labor under.

You speak as child who’s been told some nonsense like “birds fly because they have helium in their hollow bones” and you’ve taken that idea and run to all the logical conclusions of it as if it were true. Everything from “I’ve solved the helium shortage problem — just catch birds and crush them for helium!” to “I have a new treatment for obesity: helium”.

Once you enter the real world, you will discover the folly of your ways. That the majority of men do NOT rape simply because they are male. That the entire concept of “rape culture” has as much truth as the Cultural Revolution provided to China. You will first be in denial but hopefully you will real. You will be forgiven — youth is about crazy and ridiculous ideas that have no viability or future but there is a role for it because a handful can become great things — humanity requires the churn of that to survive.

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