The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

The “corporations are people” line is old. I can say as a long veteran of corporate America, holder of an MBA, serial entrepreneur, etc.: this is garbage.

The moment you get a group of people, even a small group, together working toward a goal, the dynamics of the thing is utterly different from what any individual would do morally, ethically, economically, culturally, legally, etc. If you are lucky and selective, you only bring together people of strong moral character (which doesn’t mean they went to church regularly though that might be a cross-correlation to it).

Corporations are not people. You can’t jail a corporation. People in the corporation are largely shielded from legal liabilty of any kind. How can moral or legal decisions and their processes not change?

Only if you are a particularly moral person first — and then the temptations and economic stresses would work enormously against you. The vast majority simply cave and “let evil happen”. Others (because the larger the corporation, the more they select for the diseases of sociopathy and narcissism in marginally functional forms) exploit the power available in a hierachy and shielded legal entity to maximize their gain.

This is not to say corporations should be banned but rather regulation, laws and oversight is essential because like sewers they are essential to the function of soceity but they also collect disease. Not having them would be worse but you can’t treat them like exalted temples.

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