On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself
Keri Smith

This stuff can easily go off the rails — stricty the “SJW phenomena” is pretty much Trotskyite Marxism, that seeks to create world-wide revolution by sweeping away “the olds”, which is the same destructive horror that led to the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Pol Pot with his “Killing Fields” in Cambodia. It’s just as destructive. The right’s Neocons also happen to be Trotskyite Marxists as well. Proving that totalitarianism from left or right meet at the same place.

These are very nasty horrors and those of us who understand history recognize it and find them both unacceptable. The frightening part is the current SJWs and Neocons merely confirm Sinclair Lewis’ “It can’t happen here” yet again — just as Germany in the 1930s did before. The doublespeak of both is to claim they are the opposite of themselves.

We who have seen as well, welcome you back to the humanity of rationalism and empathy!

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