How Donald Trump just awoke and energized the progressive movement

What we need to bear in mind as we go through the transition period between Donald Trump’s election and inauguration is that it has awoken and energized the progressive movement in a way not seen since the early part of the Bush (Shrub) Administration. Many figures had repeatedly made the point of a Trump victory would make Bernie Sanders’ revolution happen much faster, and they have been proven correct. Now don’t be at all shocked/surprised about progressives bypassing The Democrats in organizing the opposition to the incoming Trump Administration (Just like the Tea Party did with the Republicans when Barack Obama was about to enter office in January 2009). The fact is that the DNC ( just like the RNC was from 11/04/2008–01/20/2009) is too corrupted to be entrusted in leading the organizing activities. The fact is that many progressives were ready for this to happen, and weren’t scared of Trump; or what he represented.