Agile is having a rough time of late, and perhaps rightly so.

For many this disillusion with Agile, or at least the version that forms the basis of what I’m calling the anti-Agile movement, started a long time ago. For me, it began when I watched Erik Meijer’s talk, ‘One Hacker Way’, just last week. If you haven’t seen it already, then I’d recommend watching before reading on.

One Hacker Way, a Rational Alternative to Agile.
Presented at Reaktor Dev Day 2014

Much of Erik’s and the movements’ arguments against Agile usually begin by discussing the downsides of something I…

I recently attended the London edition of the Mind the Product Conference at the Barbican Centre, a product management conference geared towards sharing the lessons, practices and tools that have helped some of the world’s most successful products grow. Amongst the various talks ranging from How to build awesome customer experience using the Kano Model and 5 Psychological Principles of Persuasive Design nestled a talk by Nilan Peiris, the VP of Growth at TransferWise.

Now I saw Nilan speak at the first Growth Hackers Conference last year, and obviously given the audience the talk was focused, much more on the…

Failure is all part of the process.
It helps us to learn about and refine that process.
It can be disheartening but, without it there would be no progression.
That said, what I feel is the most important aspect of any failure is that it should be quantifiable.
For a recurring failure with no explanation that cannot be understood and, therefore, learnt from is essentially madness.

A great example of a business learning from it’s failures and pivoting to recapture success is IBM.
They went from the biggest loss in US history in 1993 to overtaking Microsoft in 2011 (by market…

I recently attended an interesting talk on disruptive innovation that brought together Even Heggernes (Country Manager, UK & Ireland, Airbnb), Omid Ashtari (MD, Europe, Foursquare) and Heather Leisman (MD, EMEA, Hotel Tonight). I guess you could call it a mobile selection of the businesses du jour.

Before I delve into the discussions of the evening, it’s worth defining the term ‘disruptive innovation’. Clayton Christensen, the HBS Prof. and all-round business brainiac, originally coined it, describing it as:

“a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly…

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