How can failure be looked upon positively?

Failure is all part of the process.
It helps us to learn about and refine that process.
It can be disheartening but, without it there would be no progression.
That said, what I feel is the most important aspect of any failure is that it should be quantifiable.
For a recurring failure with no explanation that cannot be understood and, therefore, learnt from is essentially madness.

A great example of a business learning from it’s failures and pivoting to recapture success is IBM.
They went from the biggest loss in US history in 1993 to overtaking Microsoft in 2011 (by market cap.).
Perhaps it had something to do with Thomas Watson Jr., son of founder Thomas Watson Sr. and IBM CEO from 1952–1971, who lived by the mantra:

“If you want to succeed, then double your failure rate.”

So let’s fail and often, but then let’s understand it and learn from it.
It will make succeeding that much sweeter.