Fathom Film Group & You X Labs have partnered to form Fathom Digital

Introducing Fathom Digital

The Fathom Film Group and You X Labs are proud to share the launch of Fathom Digital: an emerging technology research, development and service arm of the Fathom Film Group. Fathom Digital hat blends narrative-driven products, games and experiences.

Fathom Digital will blend Fathom’s award winning expertise in Film, TV, Documentary and digital storytelling with You X Lab’s human centered, product design expertise. Fathom Digital have already started to developed original IP that support deeper, new and immersive narrative experiences that will inspire, educate and open novel dialogues for new audiences.

Next Narratives

When it comes to innovation in storytelling, the playground has never been wider and the opportunities never greater to test the limits of immersive narrative experiences for film, tv and gaming audiences.

Ann Shin, Executive Director of Fathom Digital

Driven by FFG Executive Producer Ann Shin (My Enemy, My Brother; Four Fridges; The Defector), Fathom’s new Digital arm will be helmed by You X Labs co-founders Jason Goodman and Tyler Copeland.

‘We’ve co-created award-winning interactive projects with other digital media partners in the past, but we wanted to built more in-house capacity to really invest and innovate around new ideas”. Both Jason and Tyler are brilliant innovators and we’re very excited to push the boundaries with them.”
-Fathom Film Group Executive Director Ann Shin
Tyler Copeland (left) & Jason Goodman (right) of You X Labs
“Storytelling and You X are incredibly aligned disciplines that happen to play in different mediums,” Jason confirms.

Fathom is currently in production on digitally driven narrative projects with CBC, TVO, Canada Media Fund, and the Telus Fund and is with the launch of Fathom Digital, is now advancing various documentary & TV Series projects with that explore the use of VR, AR & EEG Technology.

For more information on Fathom Digital and to discuss potential partnerships and collaboration, please contact either Jason or Ann .

About Fathom Film

The Fathom Film Group is an award-winning producer of innovative cross-platform digital projects, films and series that are critical and thought-provoking.

About You X Labs

Founders and business leaders engage You X Labs teams to drive human centered research, design and development solutions for their digitally driven ventures, products and services.