With the emergence of smartphones, webtoons are quickly gaining popularity around the world

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Credit: Naver Webtoon

If you clicked on this article, you’re likely into comics. You may have even come across the word “Webtoon” or “Webcomic” on the internet.

So what’s the difference?

Webcomics are digitalized versions of physical comic books for online reading. The thing is, it wasn’t optimized for smartphones. It stuck with swiping left and right. Worst of all, it’s mostly in black and white (though some might disagree on the color scheme)

So you might be asking yourself, “Just what exactly is webtoon?”

In layman terms, it’s colorized manhwa (Korean comics) made just for smartphones where you scroll vertically instead of…

And how we realized that we knew nothing

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The event was held in Busan Global Webtoon Center and Busan Culture Content Complex.

Our company is rapidly changing. We are pivoting from an aggregator of fanmade comics to one that works with artists and publishers to help them & their content reach a global audience.

We envision a world where comics are affordable and accessible to everybody from artists who can make a living following their passion — making comics.

To do so, we have to understand the comics market. One market we have no clue about is Korean webtoons. One conversation led to another with the event organizers. …

Ji Hyeon Yun

Omnivorous contests reader

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