Thanks a lot Jhey, very useful detail.

Hey andfinally

I wasn’t going to settle for that 😝

In the response, this was working in Edge on IE. So I took another look and switched out to IE10 and you’re right it wasn’t working 👎

This time order was not being grabbed from getComputedStyle as it’s not supported in that way in IE10. In IE10, it’smsFlexOrder.

This requires a couple of tweaks to get working. When grabbing the order of a panel, make a check for msFlexOrder too and set a local variable order based on what comes back. And when creating padding elements, set msFlexOrder as well as order 🎉

const {
order: cssOrder,
} = getComputedStyle(panel)
const order = cssOrder || msFlexOrder
// When padding = someNumber = someNumber

I’ve updated the pen, hope that helps! 😁