Vulnerability of the mind is the key to success

Ever thought about where our body feels vulnerability? Most often we are directed to the heart; and the mind is merely a factory to manufacture mechanisms to protect the heart. But if we feel the vulnerability in our heart, how is the mind equipped to protect it? Have we not heard that the mind and heart are always at war? Do we really go to the enemy to seek protection?

My truth of the matter is that we feel vulnerable in our heart only if our mind allows it. Subconsciously, in a vulnerable situation, our mind closes itself and closes in to seal any openness of the heart. It creates material digressions and distractions that take away our ability to feel the moment and make a decision based on our faith in the universe. Very often, this constant dominion of the mind to stay protected gives us a sense of security that may perhaps take our bodies well preserved to the grave, but leave us no reason to have loved our time on earth.

The inability to be vulnerable and to live our vulnerability comes from the mind not out heart. The urge to protect our emotional, intellectual, physical, social and financial self comes from the mind and not the heart. The heart wants to be open, loving and vulnerable to experience the world, to experience the texture of this life that makes us who we are.

Somehow, we always turn our minds into a villain of our life — the pragmatic, autocratic patriarch of us that always knows what is the ‘best’ for life. But is it really so? I would think the mind is far more sensitive than our heart — perhaps our mind is just another heart with a different functionality. It can be given the option of softness, instead of hard pragmatism, it can be told that making itself vulnerable will give it innate strength, it can be convinced that the trappings of a material world will never provide the peace and security it seeks!

Rather, by opening our mind to vulnerability, to faith, to openness and to make friends with the heart is the key to the treasure trove of happiness and peace…… It is this state of happiness and peace that success cannot resist a partnership with; because to attain success with an embittered mind and an armor of darkness is not where success likes to be.

I am trying to taste the vulnerability of my mind, to feel the fear, yet make the most of my limited time here, living a life not on borrowed time, but one I truly recognize as mine….


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