This is cool!
Jessica Guzik

I think so too. Habit Fields are very hackable once you’re versed in how they work. I hacked mine by selling all my stuff and going Nomad. Sounds like you’re on a similar path.

I fully expect the Nomad trend to see explosive growth by 2020, as the On-Demand/Attention economy rears its ugly face on the world (got authoritative research to help back that statement up too).

HC is a static website, an in-progress dog-fooded, semi-open source platform intended to help ease the transition for tech-Savvy millennials and Gen-Z into the new economy.

If you’re curious about how HC works, try measuring the site load times from Europe, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires or SF. All sub-second. Got all my bases covered to dominate SERPs (and a case study to prove the efficacy of static websites over WordPress or even Medium itself).