Phone Screens Are Not Inclusive
Brendan Gramer

This post inspired me to learn how to browse the web using VoiceOver today. After finishing the tutorial on macOS Sierra, I tested my website on Chrome and Firefox. What I observed was that it easier to navigate using the VO commands on Firefox, Firefox did a better job of notifying me when it had deficiencies as soon as I enabled VO and Firefox did a better job of making sense out of well structured HTML5. What did Chrome do? It spoke content inserted using CSS which it shouldn’t’ve. And when I tried to prevent it from speaking that content using the media attribute wrapping my pages inline style elements, it did zilch (and I tried a number of configurations just to be sure). Looking forward to starting to layer in some of the things I read about today to help provide a better experience for aural readers. I know my uncle (RIP) used to have a bitch of a time using a computer because he had difficulty seeing.

Please keep cross-posting to LinkedIn. Been enjoying your content, Brendan Gramer. Cheers.

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