So no, I wasn’t exactly prepared to embrace “believe the victim” as an overarching doctrine, when I began years later to research how what had happened to me, had been able to happen at all.
This is a tough topic for me.
Ron Collins

… and that’s why society is breaking apart. Laws favor women, and persecute men. But men can’t fix this because they helped pass the laws. It falls to women to redress this. If we don’t, if we continue thinking that ‘it’s our time now’, demonstrating a willingness not only to demonize, but to penalize and harm men, with mere accusations, what do you expect the fallout to be? MGTOW? Plunging birth rates? Collapsing social structures like marriage? Abandonment of family and state?

All of these and more. Everything we know was built on the foundation of the relationship between men and women. The matter of gender equality strikes at the heart of all we hold dear. Church, state, civilization itself. There won’t be a nation of Amazon women holding men in cages for breeding purposes. There will be collapse, ruin and a return to feudalism. Barbaric times where women become chattel, farm animals and worse.

WE must never return there. Women have rights to equitable treatment before the law. We must be treated fairly. This is self evident and a foundation stone of our modern society. There will be no returning to traditionalism. Men must also be treated fairly. Rape must be punished. But let’s nail down a fucking description of it. Bad manners, clumsy intrusions of personal space e.g. boys trying to reach around a theater seat for an embrace is not rape. And what the fuck is continuous consent? Can a man have permission for the first two inches of penetration but not the last two?

Good God we are infantilizing women who should be taught to stand up for what they believe in AND we should teach boys better ways to gracefully initiate and participate in relationships. We can teach these things.

Women both nurture and educate our entire civilization. We do this, who are the mothers? Who stays home with the children? Who teaches the children? For the love of God, it’s US. WOMEN! We’re doing it wrong and then blaming men for it. Madness.

Sure, you can believe the victim… up to a point. If the victim accuses someone, and needs to be removed from the presence of the accused; I can’t think of a way to sensitively or quietly do this. I also don’t believe armed police physically removing the accused (a man) from the premises in handcuffs is useful.

Let’s have a conversation about alternatives. Let’s not jump to conclusions about the man being automatically guilty. Let’s seriously pass laws that punish false accusers just as men would be punished. Shitty human behavior cannot be given a pass… which is what false rape accusers reliably receive.

Women today cower in safe spaces, traumatized by men standing together, men whispering to each other, man/men approaching. Man/men smiling, saying hello. What comes next? Men breathing the same air? This stuff infuriates me. We really are messing with the building blocks of civilization. Can’t anybody see that?