Training people to forever feel victimized and aggrieved perpetuates, even exacerbates, the…
Odysseus W

…annnnnd, if you take a look at Nigerian families that immigrate to the USA, they outperform Asians in numbers of Masters and PhDs awarded. Last I checked Nigerians are black too. But they come here with a culture that rewards academia. Their family structure restricts female sexuality on top of that.

The end result? Few if any single mothered families. Teenaged academic success. Stronger than normal family structures geared to lifting the coming generations up on the shoulders of those that came before.

No victims here. Aren’t they stigmatized, brutalized, prejudiced against, and systematically victimized? Yet despite it, or because of it, they turn out more successful than they ought to be despite the odds against them.

I think it’s a cultural thing. And it can be taught.

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