Can I admit I have a girl crush?

Indulge me for a moment. I’d like for you to see her through my eyes.

Imagine a woman, older, past the first bloom of youth but still graceful. Still feminine. Still beautiful in the way mothers seem to be, overflowing, even glowing with the residue of baby hugs and children’s laughter.

And her smile. What a smile. Wide and natural, it almost always touches her ice blue eyes.

Listening to her speak, her voice is calm, low, musical. Yet she speaks with certainty, with confidence, with measured intelligence. She has the capacity to move men and women, to mould them, to shape them into leaders, with her words, her insight, her knowledge.

This woman, as feminine as woman was designed to be, and as brilliant and determined as any man can become. Truly an inspiration and my girl crush. This is what I aspire to become. A woman, fully realized, worthy of the respect of her peers.

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