Damn Safety

What does a failing dam and feminists have in common?

At first brush, not a damn thing. If you think about it, a dam is an entity that retains water, is fashioned from good intentions and demands constant attention. Should it collapse, it can wreck everything beneath it, often without warning. Kinda sounds like most feminists though. Particularly the part about retaining water. Cough cough coughilary. Cough cough. I won’t even mention dykes. Another time maybe.

I’m going to lay some stuff out as I understand it. Perhaps it will make sense cause in my head it does.

Let’s start with the Damn Dam. One of the 20 largest dams in the world reportedly. News and expert opinions initially said, it’s cool, nothing to worry about, nothing to see, just keep swimming. Then abruptly, the warning: evacuate. Almost 200,000 folks must move out, now. I heard tell folks left with just the shirts on their back and maybe some loose change in their pockets. Couldn’t the folks in charge tell everyone downstream, days in advance that shit could get real? People could have prepared. Could have packed a toothbrush and a clean pair of undies. Might have even been able to rustle up some Charmin for the road. But we didn’t tell ‘em anything till the order came to evacuate NOW!

Personally I’d have preferred some straight talk, instead we got the soft sell. Platitudes intended to pander to folks. Have people gotten so easily triggered that the truth must be kept from us at all costs? Same shit happened with Katrina. Just stay put they said. Help is coming. Eventually it did. Look how well that turned out.

That’s the danger of PC culture. It’s in the gentle words that spare your feelings. In the overwrought defense of those perceived to be victims of abuse, whether consciously or unconsciously. In the soft sell, in the rush to avoid hurting feelings, real danger is often under reported. This overly maternal response, (a malevolent maternity), is noticeably drawn from the bosoms of females who have stifled their natural instincts so long, they have become sad, sexless and psychotic. Without any outlet for expression, this maternal instinct first metastasizes, then redirects the innate female need to protect and defend children, toward those identified as being victims. Interestingly, victims whom they now proceed to treat as children, incapable of independent thought or agency. Could feminism simply be unrequited motherhood?

Yet no rigid definition of abuse is used. It’s a free floating paranoia whipped up by misdirected hormones and groupthink to find fault within the common and the casual. In this twilight world, everything is suspect; a look, a gaze, an unwanted hello or even a creepy smile can trigger alarm bells. It’s abuse they insist. A crime against women. A crime that requires punishment.

In this civilization founded in justice and equity, almost everyone is abused. Minority? Check. Gay? Check. Lesbian? Check check. Gender queer? Gender fluid? Tranny? Autistic? Non binary? Slutty? Think you’re a giraffe? Heck come on in, the abuse tent’s big enough for everyone. Except for white guys. We’ll get to you later.

But this is how feminism embraces disparate groups like black lives matter, Radical Islam and all women, whether they agree with feminism or not. Supporting Islam is particularly difficult to understand as Islamic countries routinely subjugate women in their natural course of affairs. But to deny Islam is to deny a minority; and modern feminism, having backed itself into a corner, cannot accept this without unraveling. Thus the two are inextricably intertwined. Islam now nestles at the bosom of our sexy at any size females; there it will remain suckling gently as it grows fat on malevolent maternity.

One more piece of the puzzle to place. If there is abuse, who are the abusers? Seems to be white males mostly. Or males in a general sort of way. Even Gay males are abusive right Milo? When you come right down to it, malevolent maternity is opposed to all forms of masculinity. Never mind it’s masculinity that builds the roads, carries the garbage, repairs damn dams, polices the nation, defends it’s borders and helps to form families.

This misguided maternal pushback against everything male seems to be a kind of dam. Instead of earth and concrete, it’s built from social justice and pc culture, cemented together with waves of feminism. We fill the dam with resentment, pent up anger and frustration. As the economy unwinds under the weight of funded and unfunded liabilities, the dam is filling up to the point of spill over, and there are storms all around us, any one of which can overwhelm safety mechanisms that have rarely been used.

If the dam fails and the pent up shit that’s been held back for years finally flushes through the system, there will be no place for victims or soft words or trigger warnings. Without warning everything familiar can unravel and with our track record, there will be no heads up. Only a terse and unexpected warning, Evacuate! Now!

I truly hope folks won’t think this is an instruction to take a mandatory bathroom break. But just in case, I’m keeping a couple spare rolls of Charmin handy. Message me if you’re up shit creek and need a paddling. I’ll see what I can do.