You are not allowed to tell me to get used to it.
I’m not afraid of criticism at all but that man’s response seemed sarcastic and distasteful.
Jade A

Dear, the first Amendment to the Constitution gives everyone the right to tell you anything they please so long as they don’t threaten you or incite violence against you. You might not like it but I can in fact give you my opinion about many things. In return you have that same right. We fight with words so we don’t have to resort to swords.

That’s what free speech is; I shouldn’t have to teach you this and I’m not being deliberately rude. I find it disturbing you presume the right to tell me I am not allowed to do anything because of your feelings. Again I’m not trying to be rude or hateful but I don’ t know you, why should I care about how you feel about anything?

Facts don’t care about your feelings. Who said that. Hmm. Think it might have been Ben Shapiro.

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