The more perfect a match a gal seems in the very early going, the more a man needs to look not just into her own conduct with him, but for signs and indicators in her broader approach to life of what sort of person she really is.
As collections of hybrid spiritualism, neo-self-help boilerplate and limited life experiences go, I…
Ron Collins

Definitely. Situational awareness. To be fair, as marriage devolves into a bad deal for most, women are left with transitory relationships with men who are less emotionally available and more into PUA and pump n dump. My own little one is saddened; the boys she meets are superficial, jacked up on testosterone and easy lays; there is a dearth, a real unavailability of character, of depth, of broader intelligence with which she can interact.

I hope for her. I really do; that there are still men out there who are real, and honest, and virtuous. Men who want a partner, a willing and able helpmate, a true and honest woman. Men who know the value of a woman, who can respect her as an equal and yet know when she assumes responsibility for his household, she is granted the honor and privilege of being the steward and guardian of his own life, just as he assumes that role in hers.

I hope.

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