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Here’s the thing, raw information works as an deterrent as well as an avenue toward incarceration. As Kellyann Conway (my personal girl crush) explains, to understand a community, you have to listen, deeply and sincerely to know their issues, their stories. The lessons of the silent majority should be applied to all communities.

What would happen if we listened to the black community, or the Muslim community or the Hispanic community? What would we hear? Would we hear their struggles, their triumphs and their hopes for America? More importantly, would we hear their solutions for the problems they face? If you listen you can hear all sorts of things. We already know this, does it take an election with global implications to remind us?

These communities aren’t going anywhere. Their issues are American issues just as they are American. Not speaking about illegals here. We fix broken bodies with soothing balms when needed or surgery when necessary. But the only way to know where hurts is to ask.

So ask…

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