The word you is very powerful.
I am not a professional writer.
Terrie Williams

Hi Terrie, what a life story. Lady you have been through it and then some. I just wanted to give you a heads up when you read through your replies. Many of us reply to you but also through you in order to address a wider audience.

That’s because some folk are ideologues, they can’t see past their own belief systems. They refute every argument, blithely substituting their life experiences for facts and refuse to see truth even if it climbed up their pants and tried to chew a second hole in their butts. Arguing with such closed minds is pointless; you’d get more out of trying to bottle farts than trying to have a simple debate.

But there is always a wider audience reading, listening, working through what is said to make up their own minds about stuff. I’m guilty of addressing the wider audience sometimes forgetting when I say ‘you’ I implicate the person I’m replying to even as I pitch my voice to the listening audience.

When you get a reply that seems directed in a personal way at you, try not to take it personally. In a forum like medium, you learn quick to separate emotion from reason, and you either accept your argument is weak or you up your game and return fire with stronger arguments.

For me at least, I enjoy the thrust and parry of vigorous debate. Medium has softer less argumentative feeds if that’s your fancy. But be warned, here there be monsters. Arm yourself with logic. Shield yourself with humor and attack with humility. We all need to learn something or other. Eating crow can be a character building experience. It’s actually making me fat. Lol.


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