Interesting picture you’ve painted here. At least our generation is wisening up.
Erica Gucciardo

Hi, thank you for your interest. We can’t go back to traditionalism and we can’t proceed with this brand of toxic feminism. If we can admit this simple fact, the door is open to negotiation. Men need one simple thing. To be validated. They seek approval and acceptance. To be recognized for their contributions. Part of this is sex, but thats not all there is to men. How difficult is it to say to a man, hey thanks for loving me warts and all. Or, man, that was a killer meal you fixed. Even, come love me, I need you. Just say to your men, please help me, I can’t do this alone.

Men have always been willing to sacrifice for their loved ones, in return, simply love them. Out of love and equality, we need to rethink the legal framework that penalizes men disproportionately. Alimony is fine if either party gives up a career for a lifetime. But if after a couple months/years one party expects the other to support them when they both can get up and get… well that’s unfair imho. Equality means just that, women can and should work just as hard as men.

Think about disposability, do you really want your man to be sacrificed for your happiness? Your man can be cherished for what he is, your strength when you are weak, your protector when you need shelter, your friend when you need affection. But ladies, we are their shelter when men are weary, we are their support when strength isn’t enough. We are the bosom, their complement, the yin that balances yang to form a harmonious whole. In yin there is yang and vice versa. Both sexes can change, flow into the other, take up roles that can be negotiated but not legislated.

The real power in society has always belonged to women, behind every man, a woman either loved or abandoned him. Behind both sinner and saint, a woman either wiped tears or caused them. I think we (mothers and teachers) should stop pretending we are victims in society without recognizing it was and is our responsibility to consciously and deliberately make the society into what we want it to be. Not this misogynistic and misandrist runaway train sparking and screeching on tired old tracks, destined to crash and burn all of us.

Just sayin’.

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