Does anybody hate women more than feminists?
Trudy W. Schuett

Hi Trudy, great article. My unwavering concern is the fallout from this insanity. Japan’s herbivore men, MGTOW in the West, underline the growing disaffection and disconnection of our males. It’s interesting to note, after Manchester, reporter KT. Hopkins tweeted, men should rise up, to protect their wives and daughters.

I didn’t hear anyone call for women to rise up. Men are expected to form the wall, run defense. Draw the line in the sand.

But our men are walking away. We are driving them into basements, into solitary lives, into broken homes and dysfunctional relationships. We are leaving them with nothing to defend.

This is how a civilization unravels. Will we learn before it’s too late? I fear alas, too late shall be the cry.

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