How feminism contributed to a modern day revolt.

Liberals everywhere are still thunderstruck by their collective defeat. Instead of the acquiescence of worthy adversaries, they continue to protest, to attack with techniques that read from the old Alinski playbook. Strategies include demean and dismiss (#5) and pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it (#13). One would think people are capable of learning from their mistakes. Smh.

Democrats have long embraced the feminist agenda; some of the loudest voices in the liberal left belong to feminists. As we now see, concealed beneath their banner of equity and common good, lies an angry and vindictive people, stoked with sanctimonious indignation, and enraged enough lash out violently. All of which demonstrates a disturbing lack of maturity wedded to generations of pandering and entitlement.

Despite the good feminism has done, we must also thank feminism for the imaginary rise of misogynists and racists everywhere because -dissent is misogyny/racism. Debate is misogyny/racism. Every complaint, every disagreement, every person that dares to have a different opinion is labelled ignorant, stupid, uneducated and evil by a snarky intelligentsia founded on useless university degrees, social justice and violence. Their naked bias is promulgated in the courtroom, the classroom and the echoing chambers of the media.

In hindsight we plainly see, in their cross eyed scramble for social virtue, feminists drove resistance to liberalism ever deeper. Down into the basement of the human heart. Down where feral emotions roam, where hate and fear and greed and anger interbreed, to birth creatures nursed with male tears and rocked to sleep with shrieks of misogyny, racism and xenophobia.

The result of the Presidential election was just the awakening of these creatures. There will be more. And that’s why liberals and feminists march, that’s why they protest. They are afraid because they understand, even if unconsciously; the silent protest against liberalism was loosed by their own hands and has spread, to take root in the highest reaches of Government. The consequences of this will be felt for generations.

Perhaps, perhaps the left can take an honest look at themselves and finally see the damage they have wrought by their policies, their language, their blame games, and their corrupt media. Perhaps it’s time to find a different playbook. In a connected world, manufactured consent and rules for radicals belong in the garbage. Bill Whittle said it best: you can’t solve your problems by running even harder to the left.

Think about that.