morality is both pointless and harmful if it is not the result of reasoned, ethical discourse, but is simply the result of the will of the masses.
That’s kind of the definition of morality. Wikipedia states:
Willi Kampmann

I agree with your premise however implementation is not going to be via simple fiat from the intelligentsia. I fear, those that can speak won’t, and those that do, far to often give voice to toxic cultural marxism that threatens to undermine civilization itself.

Reasoned ethical discourse implies application of logic to extrapolate consequence from circumstance. Those that would listen already accept that gender as social construct. They accept that women are the same as men, in complete and dogged defiance to reason, logic, evidence and sanity.

We are not going to be able to use reason to argue with the masses and in a democracy we are not going to rule by edict. All we have left is our ability to speak, to listen and to debate. And most of the time it’s an exercise in futility.

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