we’d better stop arguing and demonizing each other and start paying attention to what our elected officials are getting up to before it’s too late.
I’m not inclined to blindly defend ‘bad governing’ by either political party.
S Lynn Knight

I completely agree. Just look around. The lessons America learnt on the outskirts of empire are coming home. The police look like the military. Drones are everywhere. Surveillance is expected. Google knows everywhere you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. When did we loose the land of the free?

And yes we have been in various but continuous states of emergency. President Obama renewed it/them in September 2016. Martial law is a phone call away. Habeus corpus is gone. Right about now, people are rediscovering how important the character of a woman/man can be; a sitting president reflects the character of the people that elected him. At best, angry and disillusioned, desperate for change. At worst, well, I don’t want to think about that; far too much has been said already.

I’d much prefer to think about societal change. About how we can re-engage a broken society and broken hearted people. I agree, it starts with us as individuals. Deliberately choosing peace. Choosing to be light instead of darkness. To help instead of harm. To lift instead of loathe. To find empathy and sympathy for the struggles we all must endure. There is a little of heaven and hell in all of us. We get to choose where we want to live.

And I’m tired of hell on earth.

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