You made a fundamental point.
Odysseus W

If i might add $0.02. What happens when men start inquiring of women, what are you bringing to the table besides sex? Given the lopsided power dynamic that women bring to marriage with the state entirely on their side, men have started asking. Because if in marriage a man can loose access to his children, his home and his future earnings, he has the right to ensure his partner earns and spends the same as he does.

Other than vagina, what else are women coming with? Children from another marriage? A dick count past 20? A congenital aversion to making sandwiches? What does a woman bring to a relationship besides drama, emotional baggage, a destructive concept of equality and an attitude of entitlement?

What else ladies?

Where’s the soft place? Where is the heart that fills and breathes life into a house to make it a home? Where is the love that cements a family together binding generations with its power? Where is the virtue that men desperately seek? This is real power, uniquely female; and we forsook it in our desire to be mans’ equal, forgetting we are his opposite instead.

Forgetting that the power of the female is to build, to create, to birth nations; a power that used to control a family. Yes, the power to control and manage a house, a home and a nation, and even presidents, came from women.

We gave it up because we want what men have. 60 hour workweeks, crushing commitment to jobs that once provided for a family. Stress, emotional insularity, shortened lifespans, and disposability. We fought for these rights, and we won. And we are more unhappy than ever.

There’s no going back for women. Men have given us the right to be as disposable as they are. The bargain was done, and the devil himself is in the details. Sex robots are coming. The latest ones incorporate artificial intelligence and can have rudimentary conversations. Work is ongoing on artificial wombs, meanwhile, automation is taking jobs away from truck drivers, lawyers, doctors, even laborers. And if there is another war, look out, women will be drafted because men will refuse to fight alone. The state will just ramp up the artificial wombs, to replace us all.

The future won’t be female ladies, it won’t be male either. It will belong to a chosen few that remain to work the machines. Most of us will be unnecessary and long buried with all the quaint traditions we once thought were a good idea; marriage and family are the first to go.