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I’ve been listening to this audio, last couple days. (I’m admitting it, I enjoy strange ideas). The concept in this book deals with organizing reality in a deliberate way. Something along the lines of collapsing quantum possibility into subjective reality.

Yeah I know. Bring out the straight jacket right? Still, the possibility intrigues; could there be a way to alter reality deliberately? Jesus himself said whatever I can do, you can do also. I guess it’s been one of the odder things I find myself pondering. We are caught at once between possibility and disaster. The ideas of the left, PC culture and victimology feverishly and furtively deconstructing the culture and civilization of the west, versus the intriguing possibility of all of us choosing a better path together.

Even Eastern philosophy suggests everything is going to turn out well, the world will continue, because the world was built to allow us to return to wholeness and rejoin nature, becoming one with everything. Lots to dabble around with, between heaven and hell as it were. Walking the tightrope of existence.

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