Men’s happiness levels in most of the studies have remained relatively stable while women’s ones have plummeted. But then men have been used to being treated like disposable utilities by society in general forever anyway.
Pretty much sums it up.
Svetlana Voreskova

I’ve been thinking about this; the real social construct is the conditioned disposability of men. Men are socialized to take care of their mothers and sisters, to protect their daughters, and to defend women even unto death… by women who raise and teach them. (Best examplified by the draft that forced men into war)

Here’s the interesting part. The same women now claim they don’t need men. The whole fish/bicycle thing. Men have internalized this and modified their behavior to give women what they asked for; the ability to self determine. The right to choose any path in life and to work hard just as men did.

Unfortunately, this soon becomes hard work. It means being responsible for your actions and your family -by yourself. Don’t forget, you don’t need a man. That’s the part feminists like to airbrush out most of all; abandoning a mutually beneficial relationship with men forces responsibility onto women. It does not share the burdens as it used to, it tells women you can do it, and it hides from women the obvious fact, you won’t like it when you have to.

As society continues to demonize men, they check out, play video games, take care of themselves. They seem to be quite happy with fewer responsibilities. They don’t work as much, they don’t form as many families. This is reflected in the precipitous decline in marriage and the carnage of casual modern dating. And all of this erodes the substructure of civilization itself.

Feminism. SMH. It’s ruining everything. Now you know why 53% of white women voted for Trump. He is the only man capable of destroying it.

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