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My take on turning inward comes from Trump’s attempt to pull manufacturing back to the US. Who would be the market for US made goods if market forces find these goods more expensive than anyone else’s? To compete, manufacturers are going to turn to automation. American jobs will still be lost. Lose lose proposition.

Coupled with this, expulsion of 11 million immigrants will have unintended economic consequences. If 11 million people stopped buying sodas and ice creams and cars and groceries and bottled water etc. What will be the knock on effects for the US economy. I contend we can’t do this if we like our economy the way it is. A better solution is needed. Revisit these illegals. Does it make sense to train them in ways that they can take back to Mexico?

Teach them to farm even as they provide labor and economic activity in return, but send them home better able to survive. Lift them so they can lift others. Just shooting the breeze with this one.

Turning inward suggests the USA isolate itself from the rest of the world. George Washington was adamantly for this. He wanted the US to mind its own damn business. Was a time it could. Maybe it can again but this has to be gradual and carefully managed. Certainly the USA is too well integrated into a global system of distributed production and consumption.

My guess is, the USA will remain focused on its interests overseas.

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