I’m not afraid of criticism at all but that man’s response seemed sarcastic and distasteful.
Jade A

Oh please. I’m brown, a woman and an immigrant. I understand prejudice. I’ve been told to my face to leave the country and I have trouble finding work. But I don’t want or need brownie points for being the best victim. I’m finishing the GED because the college my daughter attends let me pay 20 dollars per month to write the exam. I borrowed books to study from the library for free. I take public transport on paved roads to get around and in a couple years I will own my home outright. Next stop an associate degree from a community college; something practical, but something with which I can work for myself.

I can do this because America is a better place than where I came from. I don’t expect anyone to take care of me. I don’t have a trust fund. I came here with very little, and I am prepared to work my butt off to acquire the rest. Instead of focusing on the prejudices I face, I look instead at my privileges. I’m reasonably intelligent, capable of self education, good at identifying opportunity and I have a family that loves and supports me.

What can’t I do with all that? The problem with privilege is that you want what the privileged have and to get it you demand society to change to give you access to it.

It won’t.

As for Ron, he’s a big ol’ bear. He will challenge you to bring your best arguments and you’ll be better for it. Instead of looking at him with prejudice, think of him as a privilege. Who else will take the time to teach you to refine your thinking and your arguments? Ron is pretty good at that and (though he does not show it) beneath the grumpy exterior, he’s an ok dude.

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