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Several things come to mind. Matters of IQ strike me as being important. All populations do not have the same average IQ. Stephan Molyneux contends the average IQ of a Venezuelan is at the level of 12 year olds. How do you run a country with such a marked cognitive deficit? Children respond to authority, hence Maduro.

Political ideologies have their relative strengths and weaknesses. Capitalism concentrates wealth as part of its subroutines. Communism and socialism remove aspiration from the human psyche. As a species we haven’t engineered a final solution for the best way to organize human endeavor. Certainly we can ask better questions. Could we merge capitalism and communism? From conversations with Svetlana Voreskova, I understand people within small groups voluntarily engage in socialist behavior, taking care of their kith and kin in ways that are not entirely capitalist. Between groups however, capitalism facilitates interaction and commerce. This might have to do with our evolved ability to socially engage with a discrete group of close friends and relatives. What can we do with this knowledge?

All people are not the same. All beliefs are not the same. A successful society however can ‘infect’ meaning teach it’s success to any that are willing to learn.

Utopian maybe. But I hope for a better tomorrow for all of us.

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