The return of the repressed.

Psychologists among you recognize the term. It suggests what we repress, finds unconscious expression in our lives. It may be the uneasy laughter at a racial joke or panic at the mere sight of a strange man. We submerge our fears till they revolt. Till they fight back to escape through the narrowest of passages into our everyday life.

So what do we repress?

Could it be we are tribal creatures after all and repress affinity for our tribe with flowery words like diversity and strength. If so, how does repression express itself? In a vote? In the avoidance of issues foreign to our tribe? Do we. subconsciously react negatively when we interact with other tribes?

Are we repressing our biology when we insist on gender being a construct of society rather than of nature? When we drown the insistent pull of nature towards the opposite sex, what do we become? Are we lost in conflict, drawing disguises made of words, hormones and surgery across our battered minds?

As we look deep into the future, do we repress the knowledge of our cataclysmic effect on the planet? Do we refuse to notice the die off of species, the increasing inclemency in the weather, or the upheavals in regular society? If we repress these thoughts, preferring to lose ourselves in technology and hedonism, have we simultaneously lost our ability to confront these challenges?

I wonder about this, our distraction, our disconnection, our faith in the God of tech to save us from ourselves. We have been lost for so long, we have forgotten how to be a positive force in the world.

Even worse, we are afraid to confront our fears. We will protest, march, complain, bitch and then again moan before we ask the really important questions. Have we missed something? Could there be another point of view? Who are we really, in the scheme of things?

We are sparks of light. Ephemerons. Flashes of consciousness against a backdrop of eternal night. What we could do, should we wake up.

The real question is, do we want to?