“black disadvatage” implies a disadvatage next to all races, not just whites.
Joshua Sanders

This response is for Jade.

I would argue Asians come to the USA and make use of its facilities, its scholarships, and its programs designed to promote education to their own advantage. Simply being in the USA confers privileges that other countries cannot afford. Without doubt, Asians outperform all other groups, so much so that median incomes for Asian families are well above average. Could you say Asians are more privileged than the white population?

Success arising from the Asian population comes from differences in nature and nurture; because of those differences, Asians find success even where others cannot. It’s a work ethic, a cultural emphasis on education not victimhood. If we cannot change nature, if we have no ability to rewrite the genetic code, then our only avenue for real change is nurture.

The black prison population runs about 80% from which the great majority comes from single mother households. If there is a preconceived notion of criminality based on ethnicity, it is based in fact. And the prejudice that arises from simply being black is real. I have no illusions about it.

The single biggest predictor of criminality from any demographic is single parenthood. Single mothers breed most of the nations criminals. To fix this tragedy, ask why so many single families exist and honestly address this. If you delve deeper, you’ll open a Pandora’s box of prejudiced legislation that discriminates against men. You’ll discover 70–80% of divorces initiated by women on the basis of dissatisfaction and little else. You’ll understand that men go to prison for failing to pay child support even when valid reasons exist like loosing their jobs. You will begin to see why men are choosing not to marry and form families. And maybe you’ll finally understand why failure of the family translates into failure of failure of civilization itself.

Ann Coulter had it right when she went after single mothers. They chose men badly. Yes, I’m saying it. Women should exercise discretion when it comes to sex and planning families. It’s women that get knocked up and when the father disappears, the state has to no choice but to step in. This in turn revs up the welfare system and with it state sponsored support for (you’re gonna love this) more single families. Rampant sexuality also demonstrably impairs the ability to pair bond and successfully raise children in the context of a family.

Are we going to tell folks not to have multiple sexual partners? Of course not. But it’s harmful. Just like smoking and alcohol. In the fight to remove privilege, attacks have been directed at the very foundations of civilization. The casualties include the family, gender roles, and now all men.

Any victory over privilege will be pyrrhic; the battle may be won but civilization itself will collapse. Is it worth it?

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