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When the men in Middle America lost their jobs via outsourcing, did you raise your voice in protest?

When the education system sidelined boys to favor girls, what did you say?

When the suicide rate of middle aged white men spiked over the last liberal decade did you shed a tear?

When men are falsely accused of rape and the accusers get off without consequence, do you point them out?

When shitty human beings masquerading as women, destroy their marriages for nothing but dissatisfaction, ripping children away from their fathers, what do you feel?

When your Government and your Media and the gremlins in your echo chamber shame, belittle, denigrate, demonize, and marginalize men do you care?

Why should anyone care about you now? You never cared about anyone but yourself.

……….Forgive me for speaking bluntly, my words are meant for anyone that cares to listen. I feel your pain. It sucks to have your world pulled from under your feet. I don’t know you, but I can sympathize. It’s what humans do. We care about each other. I would encourage you to seek help. People are willing to listen, to share your burdens. I also encourage you to speak out against injustice wherever you meet it because as the Jews in Nazi Germany knew all too well. ‘Today they come for my neighbors, tomorrow they come for me.’

Humans care about each other. Humans love. Reach out to your neighbors, your family, your friends. No matter who the President of the USA is, your world is entirely your creation. Make of it what represents you. You have that power.

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