Um… Don’t comment on my posts if you’re not willing to have a respectful conversation.
Jade A

Why post if you are afraid of criticism? Medium is an open forum designed for public consumption and anyone can say their piece, even if it’s not respectful in your view.

We all have prejudices and privileges. Yours are not mine and so what? To hear folks complain today about every minor inconvenience, every barrier whether real or imagined, present or long past is a conceit only afforded in a civilization given to luxury, not the rigors of survival.

To create anything useful, we work within limitations. The photographer has his frame as does the painter. The musician, fixed notes on a defined instrument. The carpenter his hammer and nails, the writer, 26 letters. What distinguishes a Mandela, a Gandhi, or a Jesus is vision, unique to their particular circumstances, prejudices and privileges.

As humans we are not all equal. Matters of gender, IQ, genetic dispositions, and circumstance all provide limitations and it is within these conditions we create our lives; there is no possible alternative. You can’t legislate away differences inherent in the human condition.

I suggest using your individual privileges to your best advantage, and take note of your prejudices else you visit upon others what you unconsciously embrace. That’s all anyone can do. If your particular privileges help you to be successful, then share it, that’s the civilized, even human thing to do. But don’t expect society to change to accommodate your need for zero privilege. It won’t.

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