Commit Fully To Someone
10 Habits That Change Boys Into Men
Benjamin P. Hardy

Without a doubt, your entire article resonates. Yet the challenges facing masculinity are deeper than you reveal. Committing fully to someone, even when guided by divinity, is no guarantee of fidelity or virtue in your partner. Women are chameleons. We change, we adapt, we become what we believe our partners require.

In loosing ourselves within relationships, resentments build. Fault lines develop, and too often we take the easy path, and cleave a committed union with dissatisfaction often the only sharp edge we can find; this has consequences.

I presume to speak for the men in my life, I have watched good men suffer outrageous claims of abuse, of violence of neglect. I have dried too many tears on my shoulders not to see the naked violence of the family courts savage kith and kin based on accusation, crocodile tears and running mascara, -without a shred of evidence asked for or even given.

Committing to someone fully is fraught with danger friend; it exposes you to the vagueness and impulsiveness of female nature. To divorce on a whim, egged on by lawyers with VAWA funding to use and a backlog of cases to cash out.

This one thing, this most important thing, the foundational thing we take for granted, the relationship between man and woman is under a vicious and sustained attack and as you can plainly see, the consequences for boys and men are heartbreaking. The ripple effects from this have started to affect girls and women now. Female life expectancy is trending down in lockstep with declining female happiness year over year.

Will we change the legal and educational systems that penalize boys and men for simply being boys and men? If we don’t, If we do not clearly see how our civilization founders on the outrageous tides and waves of feminism, we will all be doomed.

With hope,