Sunday Brew: Indian Women and Their Ink

Nov 11, 2018 · 6 min read
Daddy’s lil girl
A tribute to love — both self, and (former) other!
A pataka tattoo for a pataka personality
Flexing that ink like a boss — a big boss!
Fly, love, be.
I AM, Yahweh, Temptation, I’ll Find a Way — Ink that represents Sen’s true self!
Love for the kids, and a reminder to keep your heart safe from the poison of others!
These wings were made to fly!
Music, a name, kiss, and a rose — passion and emotion all in one place!
Look, but with love
A six-point star to represent six important bonds
A star for a star, and an accessory to match!
Sugar, spice, and everything nice!
A peacock for beauty and a winged heart for love
A blue flower for hope and beauty!
Turning something from your past into a positive!
A simple personal tattoo, and Nemo — found!
Omkar over the heart, and a crown on her sleeve!
A gorgeous mandala, and an arrow through a circle
Birds of a feather to the all-seeing eye — Lena’s tattoos are as different as they are mysterious!

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Join us as we uncover the history of tattoos — where the art began, how it evolved, and where it’s going. This is a story of ink!

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