Journey of a Jeepney driver

Being a daughter of a Jeepney driver I have witnessed the hard work and sacrifices that Jeepney driver’s does.

I used to “joyride” with my father at night when I was still in high school. I used to count the change for passenger’s fare.
I stay late at night with my father to see him drive.

Hard-work, perseverance, sweat, SACRIFICE.

That’s what I learned and realized when I started to work after college.
I realized how my father sacrificed for us just to give us a good life.
He raised 5 children just by driving for a couple of years.
And sometimes he accepts some job as a mechanic.

He is now driving every morning usually 3am-6am.
He stays awake in the morning while were still sleeping and waiting him to bring us food in the morning.
Usually he will bring “Hot Pandesal” for us for breakfast.

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Pandesal and coffee

I can see in his tired eyes the joy that he feels whenever he sees us full and happy with the food.

I just listen to my father as he talks about his experience during his “byahe” or journey in driving.

“Wala gid pasahero, na abreya pa ko kagina”

- There are no passengers and I also got a trouble earlier.

Can you imagine if there are no passengers in the morning? It means no food for us, no money.

“Isang kahig, isang tuka”
That’s the thing my father used to describe our life.

“One scratch, One peck”
Literal meaning but what it truly means is

“From hand to mouth” —

If he doesn’t work for us, we cannot eat.

That’s how I realized how much sacrifice my father did for us.

Those words, and those moments… Hit me straight in the heart.
That is how passionate my father is about our family.
It really inspired me to work hard and keep going! No matter what they may be going through.

He never get’s tired for driving and making money for us.
He is my inspiration to keep going!
That’s why whenever I see jeepney drivers or whenever I ride on jeepneys nowadays, I always remember my father.
I have so Much RESPECT for drivers here in our country.

One difficult job but still you can see them smiling and enjoying their job.
It’s for their family, it’s their life.

One foreigner wrote:

“Driving all day/night,
searching for passengers,
and having to
keep watch of who gets on and off…”

“What was it like? Does he not get exhausted? What if there are no passengers, and you make no money? One answer I will never forget Kuya giving me…

“Never lose hope Kulas, go go go. Don’t get mad, keep it relaxed and keep it happy”
- March 30, 2015/in Smile Stories /by kyle

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Can you imagine that my Father is JUST a Jeepney driver but he raised 5 children, and my older sister now is already an Architect.
And I am a future CPA.

Salute to all jeepney drivers!

Big Hearts! Very Family Oriented!

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