Lady MCs: Old School/New School Parallels

J Hall
J Hall
Jul 23 · 2 min read

In Hip Hop, comparisons between artist past and present artist can be as different as they are unfair. Some characteristics parallel while others are unintentionally subtle. So it’s only right to see the similarities between both veteran Lady MCs and the new class.

1) City Girls = Salt N Pepa

The City Girls are less of the Salt N Pepa’s sophisticated Let’s Talk About Sex, and more back when the duo threaten to take women’s boyfriend’s hostage like the remake version of I’ll Take Your Man.

2) Tink = Ms. Lauryn Hill

Both have a playful method to their flow that can be lyrically deadly if underestimated added by their shared equal singing ability. However, Ms. Lauryn Hill set a bar too high for even herself to achieve.

3) Cardi B = Trina

Neither artist will waste no time with musical metaphors while giving brash instructions on how to tickle their fancy.

4) Megan Thee Stallion = Lil Kim

Lil Kim greatest musical gift was/is the authenticity fans felt from each verse she delivered. Megan Thee Stallion, whose rhyme style may be different but shares the same quality of the audience believing that both artists are speaking from personal experience.

5) 3Dnatee = Bahamadia

Both do great storytelling rhymes that take its listener through a journey. Song’s like and True Honey Buns are both tales of friend’s they witness making continuously bad decisions

6) Malibu Mitch = Rasheeda

Pretty Girl rap that will slap you in the face twice without breaking their fresh polish nails.

7) Doja Cat = Left eye

Doja Cat’s super animated approach in music and fashion is of the same school where the late Left-Eye was principal.

Do you agree?

Stay tuned for part 2.

Originally published at on July 23, 2019.

J Hall

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J Hall

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