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On Saturday April 13, 2019 waves of independent record stores worldwide will celebrate the most traditional way to listen to recorded music — the vinyl record.

Record Store Day invites music junkies to appreciate one of the most beloved cultural pillars of the music industry. It’s a day full of exclusive releases, limited edition pressings, live performances, contests, giveaways, and just about everything in between. The festivities take place between rows of countless record shelves all over the globe.

Say Hello to the Crosley RSD3 Mini-Turntable, a Record Store Day Exclusive!

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Okay, first I have to open this post by talking about this hip mini-turntable by Crosley! The RSD3 Mini-Turntable is a Record Store Day exclusive sold at participating stores. It’s a belt-driven platter that runs on USB or batteries; plus, it features the AT-3600 moving magnet cartridge, a reliable pre-mounted cartridge found on many different turntables out of the box. The on-board speaker, pitch slider, and dust cover are nifty little bonuses. …


Jordan Hall

Music journalist who produces content for various publications and professionals; artists, brands, websites, blogs, magazines, & more.

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