The Blast App is The Online Community for Generation Z and The People Who Share Their Values

Jhamar D Youngblood
Apr 11 · 4 min read

There are many of you out there who already know my story but for those of you who don’t, here it is: My name is Jhamar Youngblood and in 1998 my mother was one of the first people in my apartment building to own a personal computer. I was 10 years old and I didn’t know what to do with it so I spent a majority of my time in AOL Chat Rooms communicating with people of all cultures and backgrounds. I then spent the next 15 years being the first person in all of my friend groups and family to join every new online community from Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. But five years ago I watched these communities transform into platforms and my online communication experience was ruined. Newsfeeds and timelines started to become more cluttered. People started to become more inauthentic. The surveillance economy started to mature. And dark web trolls were finally comfortable enough to come out of hiding. And as I looked around the only other segment of our population who appeared to share these concerns were Generation Z. So I thought by tackling the four main issues of web 2.0’s online communities — Clutter, Trolls, Inauthenticity, and Ads — I would be able to build the most effective, efficient, and authentic online community our world has ever seen.

The Blast App is a messaging app that allows you to blast one message to many friends via silent push notifications then have individually conversations with each recipient seconds latter. Think BCC on email but for mobile. You can blast messages privately to your real friends or you can blast messages to anyone that follows you and after 24 hours all messages and chats are deleted. It’s not as public as social media but it’s also not as private as text messaging.

How we solve clutter!

The first line on our website says “The lock screen is the new social feed!”. The thinking here is that we touch our mobile devices 72 times a day. Our promise is that the content from friends that you care about the most will be delivered directly to the lock screen without you having to search for it through noisey social media feeds. You also have the option to control which friends messages get sent directly to your lock screen and which friends messages appear only on your feed in the app.

How we tackle trolls!

We created a featured called “Hide” which allows you to hide any user you think is annoying or abusive. Once you hide someone they will not be visible to you on the app. It’s as if they don’t even exist and it’s really effective. I have had to hide many people and I still can’t believe how effective it is.

How we deal with ads!

This is simple, we don’t! Our business model isn’t collecting all of your data and allowing businesses to target you. Our business model is to sell services. For example, we are working on our first B2B product called “Community Accounts” which will provide businesses, organizations, and influencers a place to communicate directly with their communities to collect micro data through polls and surveys. It also will give their community a private place to communicate and share information with each other.

How do we promote authenticity!

The first thing we did to promote authenticity was to prevent you from seeing who follows you. We only show you how many followers you have. We learned that people are more authentic and raw when they don’t know who their followers are. This also allows anyone to unfollow you whenever they want. We also replaced likes with our own personal points system that we call Blast Loyalty Points. Blast Loyalty Points were created to display the value that each user brings to the overall TBA community. You earn points for inviting new members, and sharing content in our Discover section. We have a leaderboard that displays the top 20 users.

The Blast App was created with a Generation Z approach to online communication. Generation Z is the most idealist and progressive generation our country has ever seen. Although I am not a part of Generation Z, I share many of their values. I also realize that they are our future and my contribution to this world is providing an online communication service that allows us to communicate effectively, efficiently, and authentically.

If this is something you are interested in, join the TBA community today. Download it at and use my referral code when signing up: ble010.

Thanks for reading!


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