The “Q Web”, by Dylan Louis Monroe
The “Q Web”, by Dylan Louis Monroe

I’ve been fascinated by conspiracy theories, true and false, and over the years I’ve read quite a number of them. Unfortunately, in these strange times, many people have spent far too much of their time “going down rabbit holes” and sharing unreliable information.

There’s a great French word for the collection of Internet sites that spread this sort of misinformation: la complosphère, which I’ve translated as the Conspirosphere.

The Conspirosphere is the collection of Internet sites which copy lurid allegations that are unverified and mostly false. Truly “fake news”.

Sadly, some people believe that when something is “in print”, such as written in a salacious self-published memoir of a woman who claims to have been forced into sex slavery by nefarious forces in the US government, no less, that it must have really happened. One woman making such claims is Cathy O’Brien, and another wrote under the pen name Brice Taylor. Both of their names are listed in the oval at the right side of the giant “Q Web” which I’ve copied into this story for reference (designed by Dylan Louis Monroe). …


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I'm a software engineer in the Los Angeles area specializing in mobile applications and embedded systems.

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