As a product manager/designer/developer the one thing holding me back from getting rid of my laptop…
Jon Li

So true! I just mentioned Xcode as one app I need my MacBook for (also iTunes and a few others). I also have a Linux/Windows laptop with dev apps for Android and Windows. But I can use a Chromebook or my iPhone 6 Plus for almost everything else. I prefer Pages on the MacBook because it has a full keyboard and the app has all the features (almost too many features for me, with all the layout options).

I believe Tim Cook is telling the truth about Apple not planning to merge iOS and OS X into one OS soon. The one feature they never added to their laptops/desktops is a touchscreen, which is fine because Apple’s touchpads are so good. But we don’t know if Apple has any plans to port Xcode to run on the iPad Pro, and how that might look. The same for Adobe and Photoshop.

For travel, you can use remote desktop apps on an iPad Pro, or a Chromebook, to connect to a more powerful Mac/PC if you need to run Photoshop or an IDE. Whether that’s acceptable to you depends on if your data connection has sufficient bandwidth and low latency to your remote PC.

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