This is actually an Onion Article, Right?
Sven P Herder

There isn’t very much evidence that oil is not a fossil fuel. Wikipedia has a very thorough entry for “abiogenic petroleum origin”, and I didn’t find the evidence for that theory convincing.

Besides, the issue isn’t that we’re running out of fossil fuels. It’s that we can’t afford to burn up the supply we have at the rate we’ve been burning them without causing catastrophic climate change. And climate change deniers don’t want world governments to tax carbon emissions, subsidize alternative energy technologies, or take other measures to limit our contribution to climate change.

You might want to consider the impact of all of these variables, rather than focus on the fringe theory that fossil fuels are an unending resource. The problem has to do with the increasing cost of extracting known reserves of fossil fuels, discovering new reserves, and the environmental impact of burning those reserves for electricity or transportation.