i was in the elect industry for 30 years transmittiom and distrabution..
Bob Dagner

With all due respect to your work experience, the big change now is from advances in battery technology, as well as dramatic improvements in the efficiency of photovoltaic arrays. Without advanced power storage technology, you’re correct that solar & wind present storage problems.

Another possibility is generation of hydrogen gas from electricity, which can then be converted back to electricity using today’s advanced fuel cell technology, which, like today’s advanced battery technology, also didn’t exist 10 years ago.

Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai are all now offering hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and there are a number of filling stations in Southern California, so that could be a big game changer in 10 years. Hydrogen gas tanks refill as quickly as gasoline or diesel tanks (much faster than batteries can recharge), and the storage tanks are very safe.

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