Crypto Bros vs. Blockchain Pros

Crypto Bro Starter Pack (via CrediReady)

In the world of blockchain, two tribes are forming.

On one side are the “crypto bros.” Young, mostly male, they are the guys trying to trade “cryptocurrency” to get rich quick.

On the other side are “blockchain pros.” These are the professionals developing blockchain technologies to improve the world.

Crypto bros talk about “Lambos,” short for Lamborghini, an overpriced car with terrible gas mileage (11 city / 18 highway).

Blockchain pros buy electric cars, which reduce our dependency on oil — increasing world peace by 25 to 50%.

Crypto bros set up automated trading bots, which will magically make money while they sleep, with no work required.

Blockchain pros do their due diligence on blockchain investing opportunities, going long on a small number of promising investments.

Crypto bros have developed their own slang: “HODL” (always hold — bad investing advice) and “moon” (overly optimistic future returns).

Blockchain pros speak in plain language, making blockchain accessible to as many people as possible, building trust in this new asset class.

Crypto bros are man-children who sport oversized sunglasses and wear too much cologne.

Blockchain pros are the grownups in the room.

If you suspect that you (or someone you love) may be a crypto bro, here’s a quick quiz.

  • Am I a bro?
  • Do I use the word “crypto”?
  • Do I promote ICOs?
  • Is my wardrobe overblown?
  • Do I wear too much cologne?
  • Do my outflows exceed my inflows?
  • To “invest” in crypto, do I borrow?
  • When Lambo?

If you answered “yes” to three or more of these questions, there is help. You can become a real blockchain investor by using the tools and information at Bitcoin Market Journal. Get our weekly investor briefing delivered for free.

Health, wealth, and happiness.

John Hargrave

Bitcoin Market Journal