Drilling for Gold: Marketing a Dental Blog

Businesses that blog generate 67 percent more leads than those that don’t. The biggest advantages of running a quality blog include showcasing your expertise, providing patients with answers to common concerns, engaging with the local community and even moving your website higher in Google’s search engine. So what can you do to generate more leads and bring in more customers?

Create Refreshing and Original Posts

Your blog posts won’t always contain revolutionary information, but they need to be refreshing and original. By putting your own spin on a topic that has been written about before, you inject personality into the post which grabs the readers attention. A unique writing voice provides readers information in a more natural and easy to understand way.

Error Free

Your blog posts need to be nearly flawless when it comes to grammar and spelling. It’s common sense but it’s surprising how many business blogs contain errors. A few misspellings occasionally won’t destroy your credibility but keep the mistakes to a minimum. Always proofread your posts before posting them to avoid these mistakes.

Easy to Read

Nothing is worse than loading a blog post to find that it’s just a giant wall of text. Create your posts so your readers can efficiently locate the information they need. Adding sub-headings and bullet points allow the information to be skimmed easier. Easier to read posts will look more professional and keep the reader happy.

Provide Statistics

Statistics separate your posts from every other blog. Providing statistics adds to the credibility of the post which is the goal when maintaining a dental blog. For example, companies that maintain a blog have 55% more visitors than those that don’t according to Hubspot. Providing facts give your readers peace-of-mind that you know what you’re talking about.

Simple is Usually Better

Dental procedures are complicated in nature which can make it difficult to explain to your readers. While not always possible, avoiding technical jargon and keeping sentences short will improve reader comprehension. When looking for dental information, readers don’t want to be confused so simplifying complicated information is key to keeping their attention and helping them get the information they need.

The Call to Action

Using strategic calls-to-action (CTAs) at the end of a well-crafted blog post is what will turn casual readers into paying customers. The purpose of business blogging is to ultimately boost your website ranking and bring you more customers. At the end of every post, include a short message that gently encourages readers who need dental services to make an appointment with you.

Posting high-quality blogs on a regular basis is something that requires a lot of time, energy and talent. While you might not see instant results, you will see results over time without any further investments from you since the work has already been done.

This form of marketing is very effective and cost efficient because while you might not see instant results, eventually you will be able to rely on a consistent amount of traffic and leads generated from the blog posts without any extra effort from you since the work has already been completed.

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