Devlog 3: Content Complete


It has been over a month since my last update. I spent much of that time looking for jobs in the game industry, but I was still able to make some good progress on my game.

For starters, I have fixed most of the major bugs in the game. Without intermittent bugginess, I have gotten a better idea about which of my levels are good and which need work. There were some levels that I was on the verge of scrapping until I played them bug free, but now I think they are some of the best ones that I designed. Playing the game is a much cleaner experience which is very refreshing for me.

Outside of the bug fixes, the other major development is that I have added some new mechanics and 15 more levels, bringing my total up to an even 30. I said in my last devlog that the goal was to get to an even 30, so my game is officially content complete!

It is hard not to fixate on the flaws, but all in all, I am pretty happy with how this game is turning out. In particular, the design is promising. The mechanics I have added are all flexible enough to be used in a number of different ways and the levels do a good job of exploring that.

So where to go from here? I want to get this thing done as quickly as I can because I have plans of starting a new iteration of this game from scratch. I plan to work on adding UI, sound effects, and making the input system work for both keyboard and controller. After that, I will send the game to my friends and I will probably put it up on

I am really looking forward to starting from scratch though. After I release this project, I want to begin work on a more ambitious and polished version. I have found Unity to be incredibly buggy, and it is limiting the overall quality and playability of my game. I want to try building this new project using MonoGame and a third-party level editor (probably Ogmo Editor). I know this will be a lot more work, but I think the end product will be better and I will be developing some new skills along the way. For one thing, I think this will make me a much better programmer. After all if you are not challenging yourself and improving then what are you doing?

I also want the scope of this new game to be much bigger than my current project. I want to have more levels, more mechanics, and more content. I already have 30 levels that I can use in the new game. I have scripts for a character controller and a bunch of different mechanics. The building blocks are all there and I am very anxious to get started.

More to come soon!

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