Asias Best Kept Secret For Tech Startups, Digital Nomads, & International Businesses in 2020.

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Whether you’re an innovator in search of a Covid19 Safe-Zone, or already in Taiwan & trying to stay, this simple guide is for you.


Taiwan is it’s own unique place. Taiwan ≠ Thailand + Taiwan ≠ China. In case you haven’t been here yet, I’ve put together a quick list of reasons foreign entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and like me have fallen in love with Taiwan.

9 Great Reasons To Be In Taiwan

If you’re already sure about relocating Taiwan you can skip to the section: “How to Get an Entrepreneur Visa & Stay in Taiwan For a Year.”

1. Safe:

Your chances of being a victim of a crime in Taiwan are extremely low. Peope have a strong tendency to take care of each other here (including foreigners) In fact, Taiwain was recently…

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Currently if you do a google search for “do masks help prevent corona virus” you will mostly get misinformation.

Much of this misinformation was a direct result of governments realizing they did not have enough N95 masks for health care workers and needing to keep the public from hoarding truckloads of them.

You are probably already well aware that finding masks in the US is virtually impossible at the time of me writing this.

Many of the articles you will find suggest that wearing masks doesn’t really work because people are incapable of wearing them properly, as if simple instructions…

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The majority of the world are consuming toxic processed foods. That’s no surprise. But you might be surprised to find out that many foods we typically think of as healthy are anything but healthy. In fact, some of these foods have more known toxins than they do vitamins and nutrients. So why isn’t the government doing anything about it?

To find out how it’s gotten so bad, and to hear about how I learned this information the hard way watch the video below.

If you or someone you love are suffering from mysterious chronic health problems I truly hope…

Many people try and fail to grow bananas in their yard. The trick isn’t really keeping them alive- they will often come back after hard frosts year after year, but never give you any fruit. This might be OK if you’’re just going for a tropical look in your backyard like my cousin in West Virginia.

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After years of trying it out for myself I finally came up with the basics for all around banana success. This past year nearly all of my banana plants gave me bunches of fruit. So how did I do it?

Watch to find out…

A topic I keep hear circulating through the internet and president Trump is how heat will innevitably kill the Corona Virus like it kills the flu. Although Covid-19 is a Corona Virus like the flu, unfortunately these are not the same diseases. For more on that I go over it in detail here:

The study that has lead many people to believe the heat will probably kill the virus is Temperature, Humidity and Latitude Analysis to Predict Potential Spread and Seasonality for COVID-19. Below is a diagram from their study. They conclude there is a good chance we can…

#GoodNewsFocus #EcoSolutions

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Photo by Harry Harding / University of Bristol

Many of the world’s reefs are facing massive decline due to ocean acidification which is causing coral bleaching. Between 1985 and 2012 it is estimated that half of the Great Barrier Reef was lost.

Now international researchers from the the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Universities of Exeter and Bristol, and Australia’s James Cook University are trying out some interesting ways to bring them back.

The team set up underwater loudspeakers which play sounds found in healthy reefs in severely damaged areas. …

-You’re kid just got back from a night of trick or treating and you’re freaked out by what they’re about to eat. If this is you, keep reading.

Many parents can’t resist the fun of dressing the kids up in ridiculous costumes and taking them around the neighborhood for oodles of delicious treats. Other parents simply partake in the tradition to avoid conflict. But as a health conscious parent who is legitimately concerned for your kid’s safety, where do you draw the line with Halloween candy?

1. Know Which Ingredients Are Actually Bad.

Often products contain long lists of ingredients which are difficult to understand. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t pronounce it, or it is a series of numbers or capital letters, you should just avoid it, but sometimes a hard…

“We can make this world a beautiful world and a peaceful world.” — Those are the words of the man who captured the world’s attention today.

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Many people will probably glance past today’s headline “Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya Breaks 2 Hour Marathon” without giving it much thought. But for those of us who run, we have a hard time seeing this as anything other than incredible- an almost unhuman accomplishment. To watch him run, you almost get the feeling you’re watching someone glide across the concrete.

For those of you who aren’t sure why breaking the 2 hour marathon is such a big deal, just take a moment and think back to Gym class when you were a kid. The guy who broke a 6 minute…

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Love him or hate him, he’s obviously a master of trolling- and controlling the narrative is something he’s damn good at. On top of that, he is arguably the greatest Reality Television Star, Professional Wrestler, Tie Seller, Commercial Real Estate Tycoon, and Tweeter in Chief of all time (keep scrolling if you don’t believe me). He may even be selected as Americas Next Top President again in 2020.

But…. Yesterday, his luck finally began to run out.

He suffered an epic smack down from a 16 year old girl. Or as kids in the US might say, he got “BURNT…

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If you haven’t seen Okja - spoiler alert- this might be based on a true story. In their race to corporate domination big biotech crossed the line of decency a long time ago. Now, just like in the movie Okja, American and European biotech companies are relocating their labs to the countries with the most lax ethical rules about experimentation so they can play god and mix the DNA of monkeys, humans, pigs, and — you know — whatever they want without any legal interferance. In this case the star of the show is China.

Miranda = Monsanto?

For those who need a…

J. Harvey Lewis

Advocate for Eco-Friendly Alternatives, Wholistic Healing, & Local Initiatives. Founder at NatureHub.

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