20s Something should read this!

If you’re the one from Balaji’s Quora post follow the below links.

Each comes in different forms and shapes, though I would advise you to pick the most rated one. Beware about the publication and print quality. Often they vary based on the price you pay nevertheless content remains the same unless it’s translated by the press.

Fountainhead & Animal Farm Book

The Alchemist & Siddhartha

20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea & Around The World in 80 Days Book

A Passage to India & To Kill a Mockingbird Book

War and Peace & Anna Karenina

Oliver Twist & David Copperfield

Don Quixote & Gullivers Travels

Story of my experiments with Truth & Freedom at Midnight

Asterix & Tintin

Rich dad, Poor dad & Think and Grow rich

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